William ‘Bootsy’ Collins Remains A Force To Be Reckoned With, In Every Sense of the Word…

Over the years Bootsy has been painted as a post modern funkateer, Casper the Funky Ghost, Bootzilla and a whole host of other characters  — yet the one trait that seems to drive everything he does is his unquenchable wanting for togetherness. “I came up playing with people,” says Bootsy. “We depended on each other and that encouraged unity, togetherness. We learned to play with what we had — that’s what funk is.” There’s a common groove in Bootsy’s music that’s brilliantly simple, yet remarkably funky. His groundbreaking work with James Brown in the late 60s has influenced countless players; Brown could shout or whisper – Bootsy was always right behind him.
When asked about the inspiration behind his 2011 album, the enigmatically titled Tha Funk Capitol of the World, Bootsy answers matter-of-factly, “I wanted to make a record that told the story of where I came from and I wanted to take people on that ride.” With a slew of guests that include Snoop Dog, Samuel Jackson, R&B legend Bobby Womack, P-Funkers Bernie Worrell and George Clinton, plus guitarists Buckethead and Catfish Collins — the latter Bootsy’s brother who passed away during the record’s making, the album steers towards the hard funk and hip hop that have for so long been Bootsy’s bread and butter. But where Tha Funk Capitol of the World takes a left turn is in its sonic diversity. Tying it all together, of course, is Bootsy’s vintage sparkle. www.bootsycollins.com


Live in Louisville
Bootsy’s Rubber Band

Sex Machine
James Brown

The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein

Warwick Bootsy Collins Space Bass

As high-profile signature models go, they don’t come much bigger than this. Perhaps the very ultimate in bass guitar bling, the Warwick Bootsy Collins Space Bass is a sensational looking instrument that’s loaded with a pair of active MEC TJ/J pickups and MEC electronics. An eye catching bass from Germany, purpose-built to funk with the best.

Warwick Artist Line

Hankering after a Space Bass? The Warwick Artist Line model offers a more affordable way in to the company’s iconic Custom Shop design. It may not boast the same LEDs as Bootsy’s Space Bass, but it does come equipped with active MEC TJ/J pickups, active MEC electronics, a mahogany body, maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. www.warwick.de

10 Reasons to Buy… 

  1. It looks just as excellent as its big brother from the Warwick Custom Shop.
  2. It’s loaded with a pair of active MEC TJ/J pickups and MEC electronics.
  3. The body is mahogany with a maple neck and ekanga veneer stripes.
  4. Check out the Bootsy-logo on the matching headstock.
  5. Even the rosewood fingerboard gets Bootsy’s Star inlays.
  6. The two-piece Warwick bridge is adjustable for string height, spacing and intonation.
  7. The Space Bass comes with a set of Warwick’s Red Strings, 045 – 105.
  8. Chunky knurled chrome hardware and 24 nickelsilver frets.
  9. The body has been treated to a special purple ‘Bootsy’ finish with purple pickguard.
  10. There can be no denying the added Bootsy Collins kudos.