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John Garrison: Tour Diary (Part 2)

John Garrison, Bassist with James Blunt, reports from week 2 of the band’s US tour with Ed Sheeran. Day 8 | Toronto ACC We’ve had a few days off here with the family in upstate New York. We even had a flying visit from Ed Sheeran who arrived on a seaplane that landed on the Hudson River! My 7 year-old son (and no.1 Ed fan) Viktor, bombarded him with questions about his songs: “What shape is your girlfriend and why do you love it so much?” I have to say, he was wonderful and incredibly patient. He even let Viktor win at table...

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Dingwall Guitars NG-2

Inspired by Periphery’s Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood, the NG-2 is a Purpose Built Rock Machine. Design The NG-2 is an adaptation of the ever popular Dingwall Combustion and has been through a long development cycle involving Periphery bassist Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood. ‘Nolly’s been touring and recording with two Combustions for a couple of years now,’ explains Sheldon Dingwall. ‘He’s given his custom Dingwall AB6 plenty of testing too. The NG-2 is a combination of what he likes best about both models.’ The maple board employs Ralph Novak’s fanned-fret system and a 34–37” scale spread (the scale length of the B...

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