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DB Bass Release Elbee Series II

DB Bass Elbee Series II A new company from the UK is in the process of releasing two new speaker cabinets that pack an incredible amount of power into two very small packages. The first, the elbee 10, weighs just 7kg and is rated at 300 watts RMS. The elbee 12 is its ‘big’ brother. It also has a 300 watt output and uses the same downward-facing port to take care of the low end thump. Both cabinets are constructed from high grade birch plywood and finished by hand with textured paint. They’re available in classic black or polar...

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Richard Bona

Over the course of an illustrious career Richard Bona has seldom looked back, ultimately becoming one of the most heralded figures in the bass guitar world. While his impeccable solo skills have assured him a place among the bass world’s leading stars, creating memorable music is the priority for Bona, who’s clean, fleet-fingered fretwork and steady, percussive groove-making has been called upon by the likes of Joe Zawinul, Harry Belafonte, Pat Metheny, Mike Stern and Bobby McFerrin. Here, he talks exclusively to iBass about his approach to soloing, his groove playing and his time spent with Joe Zawinul. For more info...

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Warwick Star Bass II

We’ve seen our fair share of sleek Warwick instruments, but in this case the company are stretching out. Design The Warwick Star Bass II is essentially a reissue of the earlier Framus model, merging the classy retro looks and traditional hollow-body design of the original with a full 34-inch scale length and MEC pickups. The double-cutaway body is made from AAA flame maple gently arched with a satin finish, though you can order a bubinga body if you prefer, or choose from a range of gloss and high-colour finishes. Like the original Framus Star Bass, the neck is glued...

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Gibson EB Bass

Gibson has put a new spin on one of its most popular bass guitars. Design Gibson’s EB range has been around for quite some time now, and this new design shares the same kind of distinctive body styling as its earlier forms. The offset double-cutaway shape harbours influences from both Fender Precision and Gibson RD Artist camps yet looks highly individual. What we have here is a rosewood fingerboard, glued-in maple neck and a nitrocellulose lacquered ash body. Gibson have also included some more recent design innovations, like the PLEK cut Corian nut, Babicz bass bridge and Jim DeCola...

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Everson Caiman T-5

Matt Lawton Takes A Closer Look At A Unique 5-String From A British Custom Builder. Design The Caiman T-5 is a striking design from UK builder, Paul Everson. Having worked as a gigging bass player for nearly 20 years, and with a background in mechanical engineering, Paul began making basses professionally in 2006 and currently builds one or two instruments each month, totally by hand, using traditional techniques. The Caimen’s flowing body is shaped from some beautiful tonewoods. A slender, elongated upper horn gently curves over the bass strings, while a squared-off, stubby horn on the treble side allows...

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