New Learning Platform from ScottsBassLessons  

In May 2020 ScottsBassLessons launched it’s very own online grading system called Players Path, which was a brand-new user experience within the SBL membership designed to make learning songs front-and-centre, as it might be for someone playing in a band. This November, the online bass school is unveiling a new and improved version of Players Path featuring 18 new songs and a choice of additional rock and funk tracks, with many more genres coming in the next few months. Users will also be able to create loops within the proprietary player and select notation only sheet music for those wanting to work on their reading chops.

“If you wanted to learn the bass guitar in real life, you’d go book in with a teacher where you’d get progressive feedback every week, “said SBL founder Scott Devine.” Maybe you’d play in a band with other people doing the same thing, in which case you’d have multiple reasons to get better, and you’d have people in your life who noticed when you did. But online music education doesn’t work like that. There are tons of excellent courses out there, but so many students are having trouble finding motivation because they’re not sure if they’re getting any better, and that was knocking their confidence. So over a year ago we set out on a mission to change that.”

Players Path is a step-by-step online learning platform that lets bassists measure their progress at every stage. There are 9 levels to complete, each with multiple performance pieces designed to teach specific techniques and concepts using detailed, in-depth video tutorials. You can also earn points and badges throughout the learning process to keep you motivated and accountable. Visit for more info.

Scotts Bass Lessons has helped over 70,000 bassists in almost 200 countries raise their level via online learning. Recently, though, we saw something wrong with online music education.