Becoming a better bass player takes grit and determination. Whether you’re already spending a couple of hours every night on stage, or if you’re just starting out, you already know that it’s hard work. sits at the centre of a switched-on community who crave definitive gear reviews, playing tips from the pros and interviews with the best bass players in the world. Marcus Miller. Victor Wooten. Stanley Clarke. Duff McKagan. Robert Trujillo. Bootsy Collins. Mark King. Larry Graham. Gary Willis. Richard Bona. Will Lee. Felix Pastorius. Lee Sklar. At some point or other, we’ve tracked down all of these and many other household-name bass players and invited them to share what they’ve learnt along their journey, so that you can learn from their experiences, apply that same knowledge and be inspired to take your own bass playing to the next level.

OK, let’s sum up so you can get back to creating some serious grooves! Want to make daily progress with your bass playing and be a part of an amazing community of like-minded and supportive bass players? Here at we help people like you keep up with all the latest new gear, interactive tutorials, giveaways and industry news. Packed with award-winning journalism and exclusive video interviews – your journey with us will never end. Help us on our mission of groove. Join our global family as we keep pushing the boundaries of what an online bass magazine really can and should be.

  • Jaco had his fretless 1962 Fender Jazz Bass
  • Lemmy had his Rickenbacker and a wall of Marshall stacks
  • McCartney had his Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass
  • and you’ve got us!

Nick Wells


What You Will Get

Behind-the-scenes video interviews, interactive tutorials, the latest news, reviews and previews from the most sought after bass guitar, amp and effects manufacturers on the planet. Oh, and the craziest giveaways that you’ve ever seen – seriously!

About Us

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re probably wondering what we’re all about. Brought to you by the same expert team behind, is a stunning website that’s written by bass players who love the instrument as much as you do. To say we’re obsessed with bass would be an understatement – we live and breath it!

iBass Magazine contains the latest industry news and reviews of the most sought-after basses, amps and effects from around the world. We also love shooting video and our daily [content is] chock full of exclusive on-camera interviews, tutorials and discussion. But it doesn’t stop there! If you love, we think you’ll love the academy over at ScottsBassLessons, which is where you’ll find the world’s leading educational platform for bass players and a stellar weekly podcast. We are an independently published team with all the strength of a traditional media company, minus the BS. We are lean and mean, and are situated all over the world. No matter what stage of the journey you are on, we’ll show you what it takes to become a better bass player. We’ll also make sure you have the best time of your life making it happen.

What We Do

Interview the best bass players in the world
Where they are, how they got there and where they’re going. We talk to the stars about their sound, studio techniques, basses, amps, effects and more.

Test all the latest new gear
We look at bass gear from every angle. What does it do? How does it work? Is it value for money? Not just written opinion, but in depth reviews with embedded video.

Gather tips and techniques from the pros
Get expert advice, critique and comment from those who truly understand the importance of the bass guitar and its place in modern music.

Prizes, competitions and giveaways!
Win fantastic prizes every month, from festival tickets to bass guitars, amps, band merch bundles and much more!

Who We Are

Scott Devine is our fearless leader. When he’s not in the ibass community helping people improve their bass chops, he’s taking the lead over at, the world’s leading online bass academy. Scott’s also 100% positive the world would be a better place if everyone spent 15 minutes a day playing bass.

Nick Wells is our creative director. After a decade of designing and developing some of the coolest bass magazines and blogs on the web he founded ibass Magazine with the aim of sharing his experiences with bass players everywhere. He lives in Cambridge, UK, where his love of all things bass literally makes his brain break.

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“iBass Magazine is beautifully designed with videos interviews and articles that feature bass legends, working professionals and the best upcoming talent. It’s a must read for any bass player who wants a 360 degree view of what’s going on in the bass community.”

Stefan Redtenbacher – Redtenbacher’s Funkestra

“iBass Magazine is great because you get some awesome videos with some of your favourite bass legends, but you also learn about bassists that you really need to know! It’s also really good to know that the guys behind it actually play bass!”

Nik West – Prince/Dave Stewart

“I absolutely love iBass Magazine. It’s my favourite way of staying up-to-date with the most intelligent conversations about all things bass. I’m really excited to see how it grows by being a part of ScottsBassLessons.”

Sean Hurley – John Mayer