The bass superstar chats about her signature gear and why ‘third grade basslines’ still mean something in the present day.

Since starting out in Phoenix, Arizona, Nik West has carved an eclectic and distinguished career that’s seen her emerge as one of the most proficient and talked about bassists on the planet. “It was weird: when I picked up the bass I almost knew how to play it already,” she tells us. “It came very naturally to me.” As her professional career continues to take shape, Nik has been blessed to have worked with some of the most successful artists in recent pop music history. Now, with two solo albums to her name, she’s become equally versed in applying her musicality as a ‘side player’ or as a solo artist. Another facet to West’s versatility is her talent as a vocalist. “I came up playing in a band with my sisters, so I kind of got my singing and coordination together back then.”

Gear-wise, Nik is well prepped, relying on a backline of Warwick amplification. As for basses, she goes for a solid option. “I’m playing a Fender Dimension Bass, which is a really good rock bass,” she tells us. “It’s perfect if you like Fender basses, but also for that Music Man StingRay sound.”