Supro launches the all-new Huntington range of bass guitars

These short-scale basses from Supro combine the classic body shape of the early 60’s Ozark model with passive electronics and Gold Foil single-coil pickups, which are authentic replicas of the original ‘Clear-Tone’ pickups found in the vintage Supro Violin, Taurus and Pocket Bass models. It’s available in single, double and triple-pickup configurations with an optional piezo bridge and a wide range of metallic and transparent colours. You also get to pick from mahogany, swamp ash or alder body woods. The neck is maple with a black satin finish and a 30-inch scale length.

The single-pickup Huntington I model has a passive tone control that acts as an ‘old-school’ knob that’s been designed to tame the highs and draw the bass deeper back into the mix. A piezo-equipped bridge option adds in more of an acoustic bass sound via toggle switch (when the piezo pickups are activated, the tone knob functions as a mix control). The dual-pickup Huntington II adds a second pickup in the neck position, which is reverse-wound for complete hum cancelling when both pickups are used together. The Huntington II also features volume controls for each pickup with the piezo option activated by a push/pull switch on the tone control. The Huntington II is also offered as a piezo-equipped fretless. The Huntington III pulls out all the stops, with a trio of full-sized Gold Foil pickups and a piezo bridge as stock hardware.