We talk Rush, Chris Squire and YouTube with two of the UK’s busiest bass exports.

So what does it take to hold down the bass chair for Britain’s biggest band? “Though I might not think it, this is a big bass gig,” says Lee Pomeroy. “It might be the same arrangement every night, but you have to keep things fresh, otherwise you get stuck on autopilot, and if that happens you may as well take your cash and go home.”

Scott Devine has been keeping busy with scottsbasslessons.com, an online bass community that currently boasts over 100,000 subscribers. “One of the fundamental initiatives behind SBL is the idea of making lessons accessible to as many people as possible and not creating any limitations in terms of who or from what part of the world people can study,” Scott tells us, and with the camera rolling, it’s time to talk bass.

Over at Scott's Bass Lessons....

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