Snapshots of a bassist’s life by players who live it.

Speaking to us on the eve of some packed US shows, Silent Planet’s bassist Thomas Freckleton told us that life in the band is turning out to be something of a blast – and that the bands new album is the best they’ve ever written… “It’s dark, it’s heavy and there are so many different progressive turns that all seemed risky until we starting adding vocals. My favorite thing about the record is that it’s a concept record. Garrett really nailed it lyrically and I think it’s a perfect stepping-stone to what we are currently working towards.” Asked how he approaches the bass parts for the new songs, he explains: “I think it’s very important that you don’t expect to be perfect. A perfect bass player doesn’t exist! Working at being excellent at what you do is the main goal for any professional or non-professional musician. It usually takes me a couple of days to really get all of the bugs out when we’re on tour, but you have to be confident in what you do. That’s the best advice I think I can give.” In order to do his job, Thomas is equipped with a range of instruments. “I currently use a 5-string bass made by a company called Legator. The model is called a Helio 300 5-string. I also use a 1000W power amp by Crown Audio, a rack mounted SansAmp and a Darkglass B3K overdrive.” That said, expect the unexpected when it comes to this particular band: “If my live gear doesn’t fit with what the record calls for then I wouldn’t want to be stubborn, so my studio tone is different to my live sound. I tracked the last record on an Ernie Ball StingRay through a Kemper Audio Interface.” Asked about his influences, he ruminates: “I don’t have many specific influences. I’ve always liked Underoath, Circa Survive, Foxy Shazam, This will Destroy you, Brand New and Manchester Orchestra.” For more information visit: