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Tool | Fear Inoculum

Tool Announce New Album & US Tour Fear Inoculum is Tool’s first studio material in 13 years. The album, which was is released on August 30, is the follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days and features more trailblazing riffs and the blasting bass tone of Justin Chancellor. Further to the new album release, Tool have also announced a round of North American tour dates beginning on October 13th at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento and working their way across the U.S. and into Canada. Their final date is scheduled for November 25th in Washington,...

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Beneath The Bassline

Bass Greats Assemble For Documentary Film Pre-orders for Beneath The Bassline are now open! And to celebrate the upcoming release the team behind the movie are offering you the chance to win some fantastic bass swag including a Dingwall NG-3 5-string, an Aguilar AG 700 and SL 410x cab, a Sadowsky preamp pedal and 25 sets of Elixir Nickel-Plated Steel Strings. Travelling to Club Bonafide in Manhattan, Dingwall Guitars in Canada, Fodera Guitars in Brooklyn, Sadowsky Guitars in Long Island City and Aguilar Amplification in Manhattan’s Soho district, the documentary features interviews with some of the most incredible bass players on...

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F Bass BN5

Peerless construction and quality materials put this F Bass at the top of the tree. Design Sitting atop the F Bass range, the BN5 pairs an ash body with a three-piece maple neck. It’s a classic combination that remains as popular as ever. Why? Because it offers the best of two great tone woods. In more practical terms, the rather unusual body shape incorporates some sleek contouring and makes for an extremely comfortable bass. It’s reasonably light and the elongated upper horn compensates for a smoothly sculpted cutaway on the treble side. ‘Our goal has always been to create...

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John Garrison: Tour Diary (Part 2)

John Garrison, Bassist with James Blunt, reports from week 2 of the band’s US tour with Ed Sheeran. Day 8 | Toronto ACC We’ve had a few days off here with the family in upstate New York. We even had a flying visit from Ed Sheeran who arrived on a seaplane that landed on the Hudson River! My 7 year-old son (and no.1 Ed fan) Viktor, bombarded him with questions about his songs: “What shape is your girlfriend and why do you love it so much?” I have to say, he was wonderful and incredibly patient. He even let Viktor win at table...

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