Inspired by Periphery’s Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood, the NG-2 is a Purpose Built Rock Machine.


The NG-2 is an adaptation of the ever popular Dingwall Combustion and has been through a long development cycle involving Periphery bassist Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood. ‘Nolly’s been touring and recording with two Combustions for a couple of years now,’ explains Sheldon Dingwall. ‘He’s given his custom Dingwall AB6 plenty of testing too. The NG-2 is a combination of what he likes best about both models.’ The maple board employs Ralph Novak’s fanned-fret system and a 34–37” scale spread (the scale length of the B string is three inches longer than the G). The spaces between the frets are greater for the lower-pitched strings than they are for the higher, with only the seventh fret resembling anywhere close to being straight. Like the frets, the Dingwall FD3 neodymium pickups are also slanted. They’re wired to a custom Darkglass three-band preamp, along with master volume and a rotary pickup selector. Assembly takes place in China, with electronics and hardware produced in Canada and the US, before each bass is shipped back to Dingwall HQ for a final inspection. We loved the Ferrari Green paintwork.


This eye-catching, Darkglass-equipped axe is designed to rock, with a 240mm fretboard radius making it superfast over a full two octaves. The slanted frets may seem a little unnatural at first, but it takes no time at all to adjust your technique, and navigating the fretboard feels completely natural almost immediately. In just its raw state it offers such a wide range of assertive bass tones, and depending what kind of music you play, by using the custom preamp you can near enough make it sound any way you want it to. There’s a major tonal difference between the pickups’ sounds, too, which is where the rotary pickup selector comes in handy. ‘The preamp has an incredibly warm bass control,’ says Sheldon. ‘It provides a distortion-free signal, but its frequencies are ideal for controlling or accentuating an overdriven tone.’ The placement of the pickups also contributes to a more guttural-sounding mid range. The NG-2 is uncompromising in both its build quality and its performance. It can comfortably handle polyrhythmic lead lines or low-end rumbles, and any rock or metal player will be in overdrive heaven.
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Spec Points

Built in: China
Scale length: 838 – 949mm (34-37 inches)
Frets: 24
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: 5-piece maple
Body: Alder
Pickups: 2 x Dingwall FD3, neodymium
Controls: 1 x volume, active 3-band EQ, 4-position rotary pickup selector.
Machineheads: Hipshot
Hardware: Black nickel
Weight: 4.2 kg (9.6 lb)
Finish: Ferrari Green