U2’s Adam Clayton Shows Off His Latest Signature Model

U2 fans will rejoice in the news that Fender are producing a signature Adam Clayton Jazz Bass. It features a pair of Fender’s Custom Shop pickups and a Sherwood Green Metallic gloss finish with matching headstock. “I played a Sherwood Green ‘65 Jazz Bass a lot on the ‘All That You Can’t Leave Behind’ tour and I really loved it,” said Clayton. “It had a great sound and the pickups were really punchy. So, I got Fender to clone that bass, but rather than make it an exact replica of my beat-up Jazz, I wanted to make it as beautiful as we could. So, they put this together for me. It’s a great bass. I’ve been using it on the new album and I’m going to be playing it live.” It certainly seems built for the part, with vintage-style ‘lollipop’ tuners, white pearloid block inlays and a custom C-shaped neck profile.
Visit www.fender.com for more info.