Adam Ben Ezra
Pin Drop

“Extraordinary, multi-layered music.”
Released: May 2017
Featured Track: Flamenco

Israeli-born double bassist Adam Ben Ezra has carved himself a pretty specialised spot with his latest release, which was recorded live at Lichtenstein’s Little Big Beat Studios. A tour de force in creating extraordinary, multi-layered music, Ezra single-handedly conjures up a rich seam of atmospheric and absorbing music. At the core of each track are several dismantled and reassembled grooves, featuring loops and different audio patches, creating a whirling mix of deep beats topped by the clattering sound of his percussive bass technique. Balancing all of his ideas can be tricky, but it’s the depth and breadth of Adam’s sound palette that make this such a pleasure to lose yourself in. And in spite of keeping the Middle Eastern/Indian-inspired melodies and grooves relatively straightforward, they are bejewelled with sonic minutiae that reveal new layers of detail with each repeated listen.