Iggy Pop
Post Pop Depression

“Refreshingly Raw”
Released: March 2016
Featured Track: “Sunday”

Post Pop Depression meshes together an amalgam of various strands of post-punk, rock and melancholic indie riffing to good effect. The album benefits from the rock-edged production skills of Josh Homme, who’s helped bring an almost Queens of the Stone Age vastness and depth to proceedings. There’s something extremely gratifying about listening to a band who can really play; the band in question also features QOTSA/Dead Weather multi-instrumentalist Dean Fertita and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders, who obviously take great pride in this set by digging into the detail of each arrangement. While sometimes brief and fragmentary, it’s thanks to Iggy Pop’s dry, inimitable voice that the melodies really standout. Refreshingly raw and about as far from clinically produced or overly polished music as you can get. And that’s a very good thing.