Evan Marien reveals the album that’s helped shape his career.

Album: Trio 2
Artist: Tim Miller Trio
Label: Avenir Records
Released: 2008
Standout Track: Trace

Brooklyn-based Evan Marien is a fine example of a new generation of musicians finding a creative direction that embraces everything from dance to rock to ambient jazz and anthemic pop. He’s both a precociously talented young bassist and a fast-maturing solo artist whose latest releases as EMAR build on his his astonishing bass playing. You’d expect him to nominate some pretty exacting players in his top album, then…

“Trio 2 is one of those records that always helps me out when I’m in need of a peaceful headspace,” says Evan. “Tim’s playing style and his guitar tones are so beautiful on this record. You can tell he has spent a lot of time developing his sound and I love the way the album is mixed. Tim’s playing and his compositions can bring to mind events like the eruption of a volcano (check out his solo at 2:10 on ‘Thread’) or imagery of effortlessly soaring through the air on a tune like ‘Flying’. ‘Trace’ and ‘Electric’ are my favorite cuts, but the whole record shows that he is a master of composition. This album can move you tears if you let it sink far enough into your soul.”

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