Jimmy Earl
Renewing Disguises

“Exciting stuff packed with fine musicianship”
Released: January 2014
Featured Track: “Africano Cento Cinquanta”

Jimmy Earl is a really classy player and certainly knows his way around a bass better than most. This intriguing album also benefits from the production skills of Scott Kinsey, who leads the charge throughout, but equally upfront in the mix is Earl, whose credits include mainstream session work as well as time with the house band on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Also joined by drummer Gary Novak and Tim Hagans on trumpet, he frequently finds the perfect balance between killer grooves and memorable melodies – his bass working a strong counterpoint to the weaving lead lines, especially on the opening groove of ‘Africano Cento Cinquanta’. It can be been easy to dismiss fusion as the taste-free end of music making – all showboating and technical exercises. Overall, though, this is exciting stuff packed with fine musicianship.