Shez Raja

“Meshing old-world folk to a new-world groove”
Released: April 2016
Featured Track: “My Imaginary Friend”

Shez Raja has been on fine form of late, not just with his fired-up live performances, but he’s been delivering in the studio too. Diving into an experimental mix of sounds, this is an engaging instrumental album, meshing old-world folk to a finger-snapping new-world groove. Many of the tracks have been enhanced with rich layers of sound, not least from guitar legend Mike Stern, who adds an incredible swinging undercurrent to the already funky grooves of ‘Rocknrolla’. Jazz icon Randy Brecker also crops up, adding blasts of trumpet on ‘Sketches of Space’ and ‘Primetime’. In the main the results are impressive, but by throwing so many things into the mix Raja’s in danger of cancelling out one story with another. Overall, an intriguing snapshot of a fast-developing artist in the ascendant.