Eden Terra Nova TN266 & TN501

Scott Devine Puts This New Amp Range To The Test


The Terra Nova is one of Eden’s latest amp ranges. Available in 225- and 500-watt models, these solid-state bass heads are built to be used on stage as well as in the studio, and as with anything from the Eden stable, they’re received with high expectations. The TN226 offers 225-watts of output and a broad array of tone shaping options. However, the real plus points for this amp lie in its compact size and light weight. The chunky control knobs are laid out in a logical way. Your attention is initially drawn to the input gain and master volume knobs positioned at either end of the front panel (clip LEDs will let you know if you’re overloading the input). In between these controls, you’ll find an assortment of tone shaping options. With an ‘enhance’ control to extend the mid frequencies you can alter the amp’s basic tonal character. As if this weren’t enough, the semi-parametric EQ section has been designed so you can really sculpt your bass sound in detail. A look round the back of the amp reveals further jack inputs for the effects loop send and return, tuner and line outputs and the main speaker outputs. There’s also a balanced XLR DI output, switchable to pre- or post-EQ, while the ground lift switch should help eliminate any nasty mains hum. The construction is of a reassuringly high standard.


In keeping with Eden tradition, the TN226 provides an array of accurate bass sounds. There are lots of in-depth tone shaping options, and at 225 watts (or 500 watts with the TN501) there’s enough power to keep most players happy. Being completely solid-state this amp has a fast note attack with great clarity. However, the EQ and voicing sections also allow you to call up some warmer tones. It’s easy enough to simply plug in and get a great sound relatively quickly, and the semi-parametric EQ gives you plenty of options. It’s well worth spending some time here rather than heading straight to the enhance control. The bass and treble give you +/-15db of range to tinker with, but you can dial in anything from 30 to 300hz via the lo mid control. The hi mid control has 200hz to 200khz covered. Once you sort your core tone out, you can use the enhance feature to add that bit of extra punch. Add in the compression stage and you can really start to hone your bass sound in much greater detail than many other amps in this price bracket allow. In terms of both practicality and sound quality the Terra Nova range has all the hallmarks of Eden’s more up-market gear. The range of features is impressive at this price, yet this head retains an air of straightforward functionality that will appeal to many bass players. For more info visit www.edenamps.com