House Of Waters

“effortless melodic phrases and undulating basslines..”
Released: 2016
Featured Track: “17”

The follow-up to House Of Waters’s 2012 album Revolution is the trio’s fifth release to date and the sort of album that should have bigger names quaking in their boots. Things are mainly instrumental throughout, but the sense of drama within each piece, coupled with undulating atmospherics and that sophisticated bass tone that Moto Fukushima’s so good at creating, proves a compelling mix of dazzling rhythmic ideas that’s well worth checking out. Hammered Dulcimer virtuoso Max Zt is another rising star, and here he adds shimmering layers of chords and darting improvisations. The music bristles with confidence and has been recorded with sublime depth and clarity. Each track is bursting with melodic phrases and undulating basslines, but there’s plenty of spontaneity too, as the percolating intro to the opening tune suggests.