United Crushers

“Skittering beats and effected vocals”
Released: March 2016
Featured Track: “Lime Habit”

This is an intriguing and atmospheric album from the Minneapolis electro-pop outfit. Diving into an experimental mix of sounds, bassist Chris Bierden carves his own distinctive tone in the mix, displaying the kind of creativity and restraint that has defined his role within the group. This is woven into a soundbed of skittering beats and effected vocals, with a far fresher ‘caught-in-the-moment’ sound, with fractured time feels and experimental sounds much more present. There’s a convincing band vibe captured here too, with brooding rockers like ‘Someway’ and ‘Top Coat’ rumbling along nicely. With a sense of drama within each track, coupled to haunting atmospherics and that dark bass tone, United Crushers proves itself a compelling mix of trip-hop, art-rock and funky grunge that’s well worth checking out.