Ampeg Plans Double Whammy Of New Pedals

The buzz is that the new Opto Comp Analog Optical Compressor from Ampeg utilises an optical circuit to deliver smooth, vintage-style compression. ”Adding a compressor to your setup is one of the easiest ways to step up your tone and consistency,” says Ampeg Product Manager Ryan Cassady. “Our optical design delivers smooth, musical compression while preserving the sound of your bass and amplifier.” To complete the launch, the Liquifier Analog Chorus has been built around a dual chorus circuit that’s designed to offer lush, dreamy chorus tones. Along with Rate, Depth and Effect Level controls, you also get true-bypass switching and a Sparkle Purple finish. “This isn’t your typical chorus pedal,” continues Ryan. “The dual circuit design opens up a new world of chorus sounds that, until now, were only available in much pricier pedals. You’re going to love its versatility and creative potential.”