Classic Analog Bass Preamp & Scrambler Bass Overdrive

In a world where ultra-clean and precise digital effects are commonplace, it’s refreshing to find that you can still lay your hands on vintage-style pedals like these new stomp boxes from Ampeg. The Scrambler Bass Overdrive has been designed to deliver a huge range of overdrive, while the Classic Analog Bass Preamp features a 3-band tone stack coupled with the company’s Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo circuits. Both pedals feature an all-analog, true bypass design. “Ampeg tones in high-quality, analog stomp boxes. It’s that simple,” said John Boudreau, SVP of Ampeg Product Development. “The flexibility to punch in legendary bass tone right from your pedalboard is a new realm for any Ampeg-loving player.” For more details on this and other great Ampeg products visit