IK Multimedia and Ampeg release
Ampeg SVX 2 for AmpliTube

It seems that the clever people at Ampeg and IK Multimedia feel that they haven’t quite got the digital modelling concept covered yet, and have consequently developed the Ampeg SVX 2 for AmpliTube, which brings a collection of bass amps and cabinets from the Ampeg Heritage and Classic series to AmpliTube for Mac and PC. Thanks to IK’s industry-leading modelling technologies, the sounds of these amps and cabs have now been recreated in virtual form. You can even configure two rigs to run in stereo.

Designed to work with IK’s iRig line of mobile digital interfaces, the available amps and cabs include the SVT-VR and V-4B amplifiers along with the SVT-810AV and SVT-212AV cabinets. And from the Heritage series is the highly sought-after B-15N amp and its matching cabinet, the B-15N 115.