Brand-New Bass Store Launches in Denmark

If you’re looking for a bass that offers something a little different to the modern standard, then we’d suggest you connect with ‘Da Bass Buddha’. We’re, of course, talking about bass dealer extraordinaire and founder of, Morten Ehlers. With a showroom in Denmark, Bass Buddha is an Aladdin’s cave of bass treasures. As well as more familiar brands such as Sandberg, Dingwall, Sadowsky, MXR and Aguilar, Bass Buddha also sells gear from a number of boutique luthiers and builders – Marleaux, Stenback and Vanderkley among them. “I’ve tried to pick a wide selection of brands to try and inspire bass players,” says Morten. “Each one has a unique approach, which I find really inspiring.” It’s Morten’s sense of adventure that gives Bass Buddha its edge. You can ask him for his advice on more or less anything bass-related. “The goal is to create an environment where people can get wiser on what kind of bass would be a good match for them. You might be playing a particular bass because it’s what your bass hero plays, but we want to help people go a little deeper than that.”

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