Scott Devine checks out this fantastic two channel octave pedal…


We looked at the Grand Tarkin fuzz from Cog Effects back in February, revealing the UK company’s keen ability to incorporate quality effects into roadworthy stompboxes. The latest addition to the range is the T-47 Octave, which is aimed towards bass players who already have knowledge and experience of using octave effects, but require greater scope for creating more than one octave sound. This is a two-channel octave pedal, with level controls for your clean signal and for one octave-down, plus a filter control for each channel that shapes the tone of the octave-down signal. The first footswitch engages the pedal and the second allows you to switch between the two octave channels. The control knobs possess a smooth turning action and the footswitches feel positive and solid, affirming the company’s growing reputation for high build quality (each T-47 is built one at a time in Sheffield, UK).


The T-47’s dual design is in essence like having two identical analogue octave pedals in one unit. This allows you to alternate between the two, which is ideal for quickly recalling a different effect setting. Adopting the ignore-the-manual guitarist mentality, we decided to dive straight in. The controls are all pretty self-explanatory and do  a good job of controlling the volume of the dry and octave-down signals. To our ears the better sounds are those with plenty of the original signal left in and only small amounts of the octave-down effect. The octave-down setting without any dry signal doesn’t sound quite like a bass, but combined with the dry signal, it adds some real heft to single-note riffs. The T-47 is well-built, well thought-out and pretty versatile. It’s capable of encouraging you into different areas of your playing and providing a more fertile ground for less familiar ideas to grow. Any bass player who is serious about their sound should certainly consider one of these as a potential upgrade to their current setup.

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