Doug Johns
Vodka In The Woodpile

“An intense, bass-fuelled soundtrack”
Released: April 2016
Featured Track: “Free Ride”

While other bassists have pursued somewhat more conventional solo careers, Doug Johns has always taken a slightly different path. With Doug still tearing it up on a beaten-up Pedulla bass, Vodka in the Woodpile is an at times intense, bass-fuelled soundtrack that shifts from the angular riffing of ‘Free Ride’ to the meditative depths of ‘Happy Family’ to the ambient funk of ‘Tricerafunk’. This is all capped by Doug’s impressive bass soloing skills which, alongside his band’s faultless backing, make this album a must-listen for those seeking a fresh approach to strummed chords and slippery finger-funk grooves. It’s a fittingly loose-limbed workout that’s packed with a boundless energy and ideas in abundance – there’s never a dull moment.