Geezer Signs Off In Style With Dunlop’s First Ever Signature Cry Baby Bass Wah

A new Cry Baby wah pedal from Jim Dunlop has been developed through a collaboration between the company’s back-room boys and the great Geezer Butler. The highly anticipated GZR95 Geezer Butler Cry Baby Wah is a modest-looking pedal that’s essentially a modified version of the company’s Cry Baby 95Q. This is more than a mere tarted-up standard wah however, as the internal Q control has been set to Geezer’s own preference. The goal was to create a pedal that could retain the low end while still allowing the midrange to cut through, so from the heel-down position you can mix in just the right amount of dry signal to emphasise the more aggressive part of the wah. The circuit has been designed to include a bypass and an auto-return delay pot that you can use to increase/decrease the effect ring out time.