If slapping is a major part of your playing, these strings could be just the job.

Dunlop has been making bass strings for quite some time, and the current catalogue boasts seven different types ranging from the signature Robert Trujillo and Lemmy ‘Icon’ series of strings, to more traditional roundwound sets. These Super Bright strings are available in both nickel and steel, with a range of gauges including light (40-100), light 5 (40-120), medium (45-105), medium 5 (45-125) and medium 6 (30-130). We tried both steel and nickel sets on our test-bench P-Bass and the difference, while not earth-shattering, was really noticeable. Compared with the steel strings, the nickel-wound sets feel a lot softer on the fingers and have a slightly warmer-toned vintage sound. There is plenty of volume on offer too. Even after a hefty rehearsal session, they didn’t seem to lose any brightness. The lighter gauge is particularly well suited to slap styles, while the medium/light gauge will probably best suit the all-round player looking for a balanced tone with a bright, crisp attack.