Meet Stu Hamm, one of the most influential bass guitarists of his generation, and still a force to be reckoned with.

Stu Hamm’s mesmerising fretwork has captivated audiences for more than four decades. He is one of those bass guitarists who push the instrument to its limits, and sometimes beyond. The smile on his face as he rips through another mind-boggling flurry of notes says it all. Stu has enjoyed a lengthy career involving top sideman jobs with guitarists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, burning trio sessions with GHS, acclaimed instructional videos, and a string of bass-intensive solo albums. Another recent development has been a move from the Fender Urge and Washburn basses he has favoured for the last 20 years to a new signature model from Warwick that he describes as a lighter and more ergonomically friendly bass. “Playing a different bass to what I’m used to is really different, but I love it,’ said Stu. ‘I talked with Warwick and decided to take the opportunity to try some different things. I’m really happy to join some old friends and make some new ones.” On the subject of ergonomics, Stu has plenty of tips for young players and now regularly gives advice during his clinics. “I always try to stress that the physical aspects of playing can have an effect over time. I do a lot of stretching exercises these days, which really helps. It’s important to try and get a handle on that stuff when you’re young.”