Back with a brand-new album, Jamiroquai bassist Paul Turner has been putting his own stamp on things. We get the scoop on his latest project… with a little help from bass builder Tom Stenback.

The release of Automation marks an exciting new chapter in Jamiroquai’s history, with Paul Turner’s accomplished performance worthy of the hype that’s surrounding its launch. Having joined right at the beginning of the group’s promo run for 2005’s Dynamite album, Paul has always been able to cover a lot of ground tonally. Still, for the majority of his time onstage or in the studio, he will call on his ’66 Jazz or his ’63 Precision. “I like passive basses, which is why I’ve always favoured a Jazz or a Precision,” says Paul. “I’ve used Music Mans for a lot of live gigs, but I get frustrated with active circuits boosting too many low frequencies. So I try and keep it simple with a Precision and a Jazz.” Having known and worked with Paul for the past few years, esteemed bass luthier Tom Stenback is in the enviable position of knowing exactly what he expects from his bass, both in terms of the sounds he needs and the feel of the instrument – both of which have been captured beautifully in Paul’s new Stenback 5-string. You get a real feeling that this bass has been tailored, very precisely, to cater for the needs of a bass guitar connoisseur.