The Infinity’s characteristic curves have kept it at the top of many pro players’ wish lists. Tiago Coimbra reports…


The Warwick Infinity is available in four-, five- and six-string formats, all featuring neck-through-body designs. This construction method first entered the electric bass arena with the iconic Rickenbacker Model 4000 in 1957. In a neck-through-body instrument, the neck wood extends through the entire length of the body, which has allowed Warwick to do away with a bolt-on heel join. Along with sublime contours on both sides of the body, this makes for an incredibly smooth and streamlined shape that both reduces the overall weight and allows for effortless access all the way up to the 24th fret. The Ovangkol body has a AAAA-grade birdseye maple top and two f-holes have been stylishly carved into the each side. The neck is formed from four lengths of birdseye maple laminated together side-by-side. The joins between these different sections are seamless, while the ‘Ocean Blue’ oil finish subtly brings out the contrast in the grain. Alongside a stacked volume/pickup pan control is a mid control that doubles as a push-pull EQ bypass switch, and a second stacked control that for bass and treble. All of the control knobs are black to match the machineheads and bridge hardware. The sturdy Warwick bridge consists of two separate parts – a top-loading tailpiece to anchor the strings and a fully adjustable bridge unit that allows you to customise string height, intonation and spacing.


Like many Warwick basses, the Infinity would certainly be a first-call instrument for any working bass player. The high build quality and wide range of bass tones on offer make this another great all-rounder from the German company’s custom shop. As you’d expect, the birdseye maple gives the instrument a bright, clear tone with a solid low end, while the active MEC pickups ensure plenty of punch. It’s a very natural-sounding bass with a pretty even tonal response throughout the two-octave range of the fingerboard. The factory setup is fine, but you may want to make adjustments to match your individual playing style. Luckily, the various time-saving gadgets fitted to the Infinity make any necessary adjustments quick and easy. The sloping tuners are in keeping with the modern design vibe, and are nice and easy to use, the frets are cleanly fitted and the finish on the back of the neck means you can easily move around from fret to fret. What’s more, there’s sufficient tension in the neck to allow the low B string to sound clear and defined without feeling too loose. When comparing the Warwick Infinity to other instruments in this price range, it’s the clarity and definition that’s particularly noticeable. This fact, along with the undeniably striking looks, will be enough to persuade some people to snap one up. To say this bass is special is an understatement. There really is alot to like here. |


Spec Points

Built in: Germany

Scale length: 864 mm (34-inches)
Body: Ovangkol, AAAA birdseye maple top
Neck: Birdseye maple with Ekanga veneer stripes
Frets: 24, jumbo bronze
Pickups: 2 x active MEC
Controls: 1 x stacked master volume/balance, 1 x mid control (push/pull active/passive), 1 x stacked bass/treble EQ
Machine heads: Warwick
Bridge: 2-piece Warwick bridge
Weight: 3.8 kg (8.3 lb)