Introducing the talents of Canadian bassist Josh Cohen

“I’ve always been inspired by the natural world,” says bassist Josh Cohen, having returned home from a five week trip to America’s West Coast where he recorded a series of videos that showcase his solo electric bass playing. “The Yosemite and Redwood National Parks were life changing.” Cohen favours his Ken Smith 6-string to show the full extent of his skills on the bass. “I have a very minimalist approach when it comes to gear. I basically just have my bass, a Markbass SA 450, Bergantino HD410 cab and a Boss RV-45 digital reverb. I don’t use any other effects or looping.” Josh’s subliminal bass tones and his use of layered chords certainly show the bass in a new light, with his often guitar-like playing style subtly guiding each composition. “I always try to write or arrange from the perspective of a band or ensemble. I find that I become a better listener that way.”