We collar Cody Wright for a chat about his unique pick technique

Cody Wright is enjoying a rapid rise to fame thanks to some serious stints on the road with the Jonathan Scales Fourchestra and guitarist Eric Gales. In Cody’s case, his musical education included some of the guitar greats: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Gambale, Shawn Lane, Biréli Lagrène, Nuno Bettencourt and Eddie Van Halen. “I played the electric guitar for about thirteen years,” says Cody. “Then I got a call from Jonathan Scales who wanted me to play bass in his band, so I switched. I was kind of at square one when it came to grooving and locking in with a drummer, so I had to really focus on that and forget about advancing technically for a while.” Cody knows where to go for a suitably responsive sound. He explains: “I play a Zon Sonus Special, which sits really well with light strings. I’m a fairly active player and I try to take it easy on my hands when I’m playing night after night, so it’s good to pace myself and not be fighting my instrument.”

Over at Scott's Bass Lessons....

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