We quiz one of the UK bass world’s up-and-coming players on the business of bass.

In the male-dominated world of the rhythm section there are a few women making strides to reclaim the bass and drums and prove they can rock just as hard as any guy. None more so than Chloe Treacher, bassist to art-pop collective The Irrepressibles. Chloe has been an increasingly visible presence on the London music scene, first toting a Fender Precision and later an Overwater J-Series. Working with a variety of bands her background is distinctly non-pop/rock, and stems partly from her classical heritage. “I picked up the cello when I was about 6 years old,” she tells us, “but the bass has always felt more natural to me.” Her present style is a blend of these early experiences and her later studies in popular music, but it’s also an attitude of ‘less is more’ that informs everything Chloe plays: “Music is all about emotion and feel. It’s not about how many notes you can play!”