The Karnivool axeman tell us about finding his own voice as a bassist.

Led by maverick frontman Ian Kenny, Karnivool are anchored by one of the most gifted rhythm sections anywhere in rock. Yet Jon Stockman is that rare thing – a bass player who doesn’t feel the need to show off his skills all the time. As we sit in the confines of the green room, a few floors above the stage at KOKO in North London, it’s clear that Jon, despite the demands of his job, is a relaxed, laid-back guy. It was his unconventional approach that first brought him to prominence with Australian metal act, Karnivool. “It’s not neccesarily about the way you play,” he tells us. “Sometimes it’s more about the way you make the bass sound and how you lock in with what else is going on.”

Incorporating all manner of percussive sounds, harmonics, and some very un-bass-like tones in his performances, you can’t help but marvel at the range of sounds that are evident on the bands seminal recording, Sound Awake. A long-time Warwick endorser, Jon delivered the goods via a six-string Corvette and a six-string Thumb NT. “I actually got to visit the Warwick factory and see just how far you can go to create whatever signature design you want,” says Jon. Effects-wise, he uses a vast array of pedals. His current favourite is the Alpha Omega distortion, which he designed in collaboration with Darkglass Electronics. For more info visit