Leighton Allen

Leighton Allen’s career in the music biz kicked off in earnest when he recorded with producer Cam Blackwood at London’s Miloco Studios for Sony Artist Kelvin Jones. Yet for all his achievements, he’s shied away from a solo career and the showboating chops so prevalent today. Leighton’s a busy working bassist, but his diligent approach means he happily abides away from the hordes of young bass gun slingers who often grab people’s attention. His formative days were spent listening to bass players like Pino Palladino and Meshell N’dgeocello. “My playing style is influenced by people like Pino, Meshell and Rob Mullarkey,” says Leighton. “I always try and focus on playing for the song.” In addition to his busy schedule, playing for singer-songwriter Kelvin Woods, Leighton still finds time for other projects, having traditionally always been involved with more than one band. Being a fan of many different musical genres, for Leighton it’s almost a necessity. He has a CV that so far includes live and studio work with the likes of pianist Neil Cowley, producer Jon Jacobs, guitarist Robbie McIntosh and  English-American pop band The Hoosiers. Gear-wise, Leighton is very much a Fender man, having toted a Jazz- or a Precision-style bass for the majority of his bass-playing career. He currently relies on his ties with Moollon Basses, Jerry Harvey Audio, Origin Effects, Noble Amplifiers and Aguilar Amps.  www.leightonallen.co.uk