A feature-packed powered cabinet that’s designed with the pro performer in mind.


For those not familiar with Wayne Jones Audio, the Australian company boasts a product range that caters for high-end bass cabinets. This 2x10 powered cab houses two custom-made 10-inch speakers with aluminum cast frames. Behind the sturdy metal front grille, there’s also a 1.75-inch JBL tweeter. The cabinet itself is constructed from lightweight poplar ply that’s been internally braced and finished with a black ‘carpet’ covering that helps insulate it from the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune (or “roadies” as they are also known), and the pull out top handle means that it’s a doddle to transport even if you’re on your own. Essentially, it has been designed to be as compact and portable as possible. The internal amp boasts a state of the art class D switch mode stereo power amp that can deliver 1000 watts bridged into 8 ohms. A balanced XLR input, a clip LED and High (-12Db cut) and Mid (-12Db cut @ 300Hz – 600Hz) attenuators can be found on a brushed stainless steel panel on top of the cab. The Wayne Jones Preamp also shows great awareness of the needs of gigging players. It features a built-in optical compressor, a -10 Db pad, a 5-band EQ section, 2 balanced XLR outputs and an FX send/return. It weighs in at 2.4kg and measures 6.6 cm x 27.8 cm x 24 cm. www.waynejonesaudio.com


Wayne Jones Audio is not a well-known marque, especially among non-bass players, and aside from the bright LEDs, you could be forgiven for saying that this particular rig isn’t much to look at. What it does have in abundance, however, is a powerful and hugely classy voice that sounds much bigger than you might expect a 2x10-inch cab ought to. Seconds after plugging in, we were met with a classy and articulate sound that really seemed to complement our bass. Unlike some class-D amps occupying a similar place in the bass amp spectrum, this rig is quite happy to perform with its ‘clip’ LEDs lit up. Very much to the cab’s credit, this adds even more grit, which can provide a useful extra attack for plectrum passages or fatten up a funk riff, while still sounding very musical. The EQ controls are sensibly voiced, though at high-gain settings they are inevitably somewhat less effective. It’s fair to say that when it comes to speaker cabinets, it often comes down to personal preference. But with a focus on really useful features, not to mention the solid build, portability and clean sound, this offering from Wayne Jones Audio is one of the finest 2x10 cabinets on the market. It does command quite a hefty price tag, but it’s still a great buy and we doubt you’d need to replace it anytime soon.

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