Electro-Harmonix Introduces The Battalion Preamp And DI For Bass

Electro-Harmonix grew to fame back in the 1970’s with the success of the bass-heavy Big Muff fuzz box. In recent years, the company’s catalogue has continued to expand and now includes the Battalion, which is a bass preamp, DI and distortion. It features a 4-band EQ, a compressor, a noise gate, extensive I/O options and a Mosfet-based, footswitchable distortion with 3 different signal routing options. The EQ section includes Bass (below 200Hz), Lo Mid (boost/cut at 280Hz), Hi Mid (Boost/cut at 750Hz) and Treble (boost/cut above 2kHz) controls. The Distortion section is home to Level, Blend, Drive and Tone controls plus a dedicated footswitch and three signal flow modes that determine where the distortion is applied within the signal chain. Each delivers unique tonal variations: Pre EQ, Post EQ and Dry EQ where only the dry signal mixed in with the Blend control is affected by the EQ. Elsewhere, the Battalion’s compressor is engaged via a push button and includes a level control and blue LED. The Gate knob sets the threshold for the noise gate while a -10dB Pad Button caters for both active and passive pickups. The quarter-inch input and output jack sockets can be found at either side of the pedal, alongside a balanced XLR output for the DI, which also features dedicated level, bypass and ground lift controls. The Battalion features all-analog circuitry and comes with an EHX9.6DC-200mA AC adapter. Visit www.ehx.com for more info.