We Take A Look At Mattijs Lingsma’s Flagship Electric Upright Bass.

The electric upright bass, or ‘EUB’ for short, has become increasingly popular among upright players in search of a viable alternative to a double bass. The Lingsma EUB has been designed to offer a similar playing experience and bass sound to that of a double bass, but in a more portable package that can be plugged directly into an amplifier, doing away with any feedback issues. The body is constructed from maple with an ebony fingerboard and stainless steel endpin. The addition of a ‘resonator block’ within the body is intended to give the Lingsma a more acoustic sound. “The body has been designed to resonate with the same characteristics as an acoustic double bass,” explains Mattijs Lingsma. “I’ve used Shadow piezo pickups and a Shadow 955 NFX preamp to capture the natural vibrations of the wood.” The end result is a strong and stable instrument that’s more portable than a conventional double bass, with excellent acoustic properties and an intelligent design that hints at a touch of class too. For more info visit www.lingsma.eu