Greg Cordez
Last Things Last

“A superb album that’s led from the bottom up.”
Released: February 2018
Standout Track: “Chekhov’s Gun”

Bass player-led projects often fall into two categories – the first being a technical one; the second is one that’s led from the bottom up. It’s testimony to his taste as both supportive sideman and composer that this fine album from bassist Greg Cordez falls squarely into the latter camp. Chock-full of superb compositions – notably atmospheric opener ‘All That Is’ with its brooding melody lines, and the emphatic group interplay on ‘Chekhov’s Gun’ – this is a superb album that builds on Greg’s cross-pollinating writing style.

Influenced by the work of Reid Anderson, Todd Sickafoose and Charlie Haden, Cordez also explores the music of Paul Motion, Mogwai, Ethiopiques and Gram Parsons. “With each day that passes, it appears to me the distance between elation and the desolate narrows and the sense is that these two themes run concurrently,” says Cordez.  “As best I could I wanted to represent this in both the music and in the album artwork.”