Petros Klampanis Debuts His New Project

The latest album from Greek bassist and composer, Petros Klampanis, showcases his work with his chamber jazz ensemble. The inspiration for the group name, and the title of their new album – the Greek word for “colour” – draws on the kaleidoscopoic nature of individual experience. “The project arose from a single question,” says Petros. “What are the elements that compose each one of us? Our personal characters and our individuality? The first answer that came to my mind is that character is composed of all the emotions, thoughts and ideas, fantasies and experiences that we have in our lifetimes. If we were to assign each of these elements a single colour, then every one of us could be seen as a unique composition of colours. That mix would result in our own shade, which is what I call Chroma.” You can download the new album here: