The Invisible

“An Eclectic Joyride”
Released:June 2016
Featured Track:“Love Me Again”

Patience is a welcome return for this quietly impressive south London trio. One of the first of a new breed of jazz-influenced bands that emerged at the start of the millennium, The Invisible left critics scrabbling for both superlatives and descriptive terms that best suited their deft deconstruction of styles. This latest release has a mesmerising atmosphere. It’s a truly awesome album that for all its wildness contains some killer hooks, this is fiery, authentically gritty music that takes the listener on an eclectic joyride of epic proportions. The underlying restraint and emphasis on taste and timing, plus a fresh live-in-the-studio vibe, ensure there’s rarely a dull moment. There’s so much to recommend with this album, not least Tom Herbert’s selfless, unflashy bass playing; it’s all proof positive that great writing and working with the right people can create musical riches of the highest order.