Dan Lakin launches a new line of basses

Probably best known as the founder of Lakland Basses, Dan Lakin is back in the bass business with his new company, D. Lakin Basses. The new outfit includes Lakland alumni designer Kirk Hunter and master luthier Dan Strack. The company’s  current offering includes a P-Style and J-Style model in 34- and 30-inch scale lengths, and the 1930 the short-scale bass, which centres around a Curtis Novak Bisonic pickup. “The Bisonic pickup design was introduced in the early ’60s by Hagstrom and more famously used by Guild on the Starfire Bass in the mid to late ’60s,” says Lakin. “Curtis Novak improved the design by adding an extra magnetm which is a trick that was first done by Bay area bassist’s Jack Cassidy (Jefferson Airplane) and Phil Lesh (The Grateful Dead.) The resulting pickup offers unparalleled frequency response and tonal clarity.”