Designed in conjunction with UK bassist Steve Lawson, the Gold Series SLC looks to define a new sound in the low-frequency universe.

In keeping with Rob Elrick’s own progression as a builder, there’s a definite sense of growth evident throughout the Elrick bass range. The latest development and Rob’s most current model, is the Gold Series SLC Steve Lawson Signature model, designed specifically, in conjunction with Steve, for players who like to play chords and more progressive solo work. It’s essentially a revamp of a Rob’s Gold Series 6-string, incorporating a chambered semi-hollow body, medium scale length (33”), 17mm string spacing, through-body-stringing, passive controls, a 3-way pickup selector, an ‘interruptor’ button and glow-in-the-dark side dots.

Each Elrick instrument is built entirely by hand without the aid of pin routers, shapers, and the like, and in keeping with this streamlined approach Rob has called upon some of the industry’s leading manufacturers to help develop a number of custom-made parts to work in unison with his designs. Larry Pollack satisfied Steve Lawson’s request for single-coil pickups with a pair of custom Aeros that perfectly align with the narrow string spacing at their pickup locations. It’s near impossible to find fault with the quality of Rob’s work, yet the custom bass market remains incredibly competitive. With an Elrick bass commanding a price tag that’s upwards of $5,000, it can be all too easy to overlook the time, materials and the level of skilled man-hours involved in its production. For more information visit:

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As a member of the faculty over at, Steve Lawson has been busy hosting seminars for the SBL Academy covering subjects like looping essentials for bass, solo composition and performance and compositional thinking. Join over 15,000 bass players in the worlds leading bass education platform, which is packed with hours of step-by-step courses, live seminars, interviews and much more. For more info click the link below.