Evan Marien

“A must-listen for those seeking music with edge and intellect”
Released: August 2016
Featured Track: “Decode”

Following convention is not something Berklee-trained bassist Evan Marien has practised throughout his colourful career path to date. One of several EPs to be released this year, this superb offering simply crackles with energy. Incorporating a healthy dose of deep-dance sounds, there’s no shortage of killer basslines either, yet Evan retains an experimental edge that keeps things fresh. It’s an exciting and reflective listen, which may run contrary to the rules of most fusion-edged bands’ all-out technique-laden attack, but here reflects the sizable creativity at work throughout this ambitious set that embraces his nimble-fingered post-fusion ideas, via bass, keyboards, drum and computer programming. A must-listen for those seeking music with edge and intellect.