The Beautiful Game

“…an album full of funk-fuelled contrasts.”
Released: October 2016
Featured Track: “Dean Town”
Label: Vulf Records

The Beautiful Game is the latest full length release from US funk outfit Vulfpeck and sees the band shift into far more lyrical territory than their hard-blowing previous efforts. The presence of some stellar guests – including Antwaun Stanley, Cory Wong and Laura Mace – adds yet another stylistic twist to the mix. In the main the results are impressive, once again showcasing Joe Dart’s strong melodic instincts as a bass player as well as his talents as an arranger as he weaves together a beautiful tapestry of impeccable grooves. But it’s the use of vocals that may divide some listeners – on the one hand, the musicianship remains exceptional, but it’s an uneasy equation that creates an album of compelling old school funk and soul that at times feels a little undermined by the pop-like vocals. Founder Jack Stratton has a perfect chemistry with Dart, and alongside the slamming Theo Katzman on guitar and drums, plus Woody Goss on keyboards, this still sounds and feels like a kicking funk band, fuelled by Darts’ powerful bass work, creating an album that’s full of funk-fuelled contrasts.