A Revolutionary New Bass Design

This stunning bass is made by Gittler Instruments who have developed a special grade of 6AL-4V aircraft-grade titanium that’s been designed to offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio possible. Built from the ground up, the revolutionary B4F incorporates a headless design with 31 frets, patented tuning machines, LED fret markers and an adjustable strap/stabilizer arm. Each string boasts a custom single-coil pickup, which are wired to an internal mid-range control, plus treble and bass controls. A 1/4-inch jack and a 13-pin output complete the futuristic design. There is no escaping that the initial draw of the B4F will be its eye-catching design , though the radical look may be a step too far for more traditional players. But beyond the titanium and custom pickups is a bass that hints at a touch of real class too. www.gittlerinstruments.com