Bringing valve volume back to the masses

The Hiwatt story has almost become a legend in itself. While working for Dallas Arbiter designing the original Sound City amplifier range, a young David Reeves launched his own company called Hylight Electronics. His aim was to design and build what he believed to be the ultimate guitar amp, and from his garage came the first Hiwatt heads in late 1967. Fast-forward some 50 years and Hiwatt amps continue to find favour with touring musicians on account of their battleship build quality, power and reliability. Touted as ‘the most powerful all tube bass amp in the world’, the company’s DR401 features a dual channel preamp with hi/lo sensitivity inputs and cross patch bright and normal channels. The valves consist of eight KT88’s in the power stage, and three ECC83’s and one ECC81 in the preamp.
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