Jeff Berlin To Release 30th Anniversary
Edition 12-Inch Vinyl 

On May 11th Jeff Berlin will be releasing a 30th Anniversary Edition 12-inch vinyl of his signature tune, Joe Frazier. The EP will include a newly re-mastered version of the original song from the critically acclaimed 1987 album “Pump It!” and a completely re-imagined version, composed and performed by Jeff, Steve Vai, David Sancious, Keith Carlock and Tom Hemby. “Steve Vai’s guitar solo is searing,” says Jeff. “He really showed why he is one of the greatest guitarists in the world. David Sancious’ keyboards added color and style, Keith Carlock instantly grabbed the quarter note and never let it go for over seven minutes of musical percolating. Tom Hemby is one of Nashville’s top studio guitarists, but on Joe Frazier he sounded like the guitarist for James Brown and AC/DC.”

The EP will be available as a signed audiophile vinyl, signed CD, or digital release, with collector’s editions including an autographed chart of the new arrangement. Digital ‘mix minus’ tracks of the single will also be offered so you can play along with these iconic musicians. “Joe Frazier is a song that has remained with me throughout my career,” says Jeff. “No matter where I am in the world, people ask to hear that song. While chatting about the tune with producer John McCracken, we thought we’d come up with a new version that’s almost entirely different from the previous two renditions. Quite honestly, I think this is one of the best tunes I ever wrote.”