Preston Glasgow Lowe

“Artful Modern-Jazz”
Released: May 2016
Featured Track: “Colour Possesses”

This is a fine example of a new generation of musicians finding a creative direction that’s blind to the boundaries of genre definition, as they blend artful modern-jazz harmonies with their obvious mastery of the finer points of swing. Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of this release is that all its multi-farious elements combine in the most musical way, and this is the trio’s ultimate skill in putting the music first and their considerable individual talents second. This is a subtle, hypnotic album, packed full of sublimely melodic moments. While there’s an ample helping of bass solos, and very fine they are too, it’s good to hear Kevin Glasgow digging into some propulsive grooves behind guitarist David Preston. A blast of freshly spun music, then, from a dynamic young trio, who unlike many wannabe ‘originals’ really have something to